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Bianchi Networks refers or can be associated to all games under Bianchi Networks, City Struggle,  and staff permitted to access data. If at anytime you are unclear as to which this refers to please contact a member of staff to confirm. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you also agree to adhere to the game rules which can be found here > Rules.  City Struggle reserves the right to delete or suspend accounts that fail to comply with the TOS or Rules as stated.


We find it important that your privacy is protected on our website. You are not required to use your personal data on City Struggle.
Sometimes it is important that you do so, so we can serve you optimally.
City Struggle uses your data to get in touch with you directly when necessary and to adjust the information on the site to your wishes.
This includes that we properly protect your data and ensure that only a limited number of workers within City Struggle may use your information.
Your information will not be made available to third parties. You will not receive our advertising mail or e-mail if you didn't ask for it.
When you wish examination of data which has been stored by City Struggle on yourself you may email asking to receive the data held on your account. At no time will you be allowed to see another users account information excluding that not publicly available. City Struggle reserves the right to add a tracking cookies to your computer for any purpose it sees fit; this is commonplace and no user identifiable information an be gained from it. This includes Adobe ® Flsah Player ® Cookies (LSO).


If you are caught going against any of these terms, you will be dealt with appropriately by a staff member.

Important Information:

City Struggle reserves the right to fully suspend or delete any user account that fails to adhere to the TOS or Rules. By agreeing to these TOS and Rules you also agree that failure to comply may result in your expulsion. Upon completing of the account registration you are also agreeing that City Struggle is a game and fully intended for fun. If you deviate from seeing this as a game, or harass/insult/distract staff from doing the job intended then you may also see your account suspended without notice.

The terms of service below can be changed at any time by Bianchi Networks without prior notice to the users. Any major change will be announced to the general community but it is the users responsibility to ensure the terms are complied with. Failure to do so may result in suspension or deletion of the account in question.

Bianchi Networks/City Struggle/Staff holds no responsibility for the actions and/or behaviour of its users. City Struggle cannot be held responsible and does not encourage any criminal, anti-social, harmful behaviours. It is the users responsibility to distinguish right from wrong and realise that this is a game and not associated with real life.

Any players names, NPC names, districts within City Struggle, are fully fictional and any similarity is purely coincidence.


Registration of the user is a prerequisite for the use of online games and other services by Bianchi Networks

At registration, the user has to provide a player name and a registered e-mail address. The user is not entitled to receive a particular player name. The player name may not infringe rights of third parties and may also not offend common decency. Moreover, no e-mail or Web address may be chosen as the player name. The user shall ensure that the information provided to City Struggle at registration is true and complete.

The registration is carried out personally. Registration through third parties, especially a third party that registers individual people at several teleservice providers (registration services and/or entry services) is not permitted and may result in account deletion.

The acceptance of a registration request on City Struggle and the online account registration are confirmed via e-mail. In this e-mail the user receives an activation link. In this case City Struggle activates the user and the respective game account through the clicking on such activation link. When the account has been accepted or activated a user contract for an indefinite term between City Struggle and the user is being established.

User Data:

The user agrees to provide City Struggle with all future changes of his/her registration data, especially a change in the e-mail address, without delay. The user is obliged, to confirm City Struggle upon request the accuracy of his/her data. Failure to do so may result in a delay to any account / support action requested by yourself.

Log-in data, identification, passwords:

The user is obliged to keep log-in data and all identification and passwords strictly confidential.

The term “log-in data” and “identification and passwords” includes all letter and/or character and/or number sequences, used to authenticate the user and to exclude use by an unauthorized third party. The password should not be identical with the player name and it should consist of a combination of numbers and letters.

The user is obliged to protect all log-in data, identifications and passwords from unauthorized access of third parties.

In the event that the user has reason to believe that third parties have obtained this information, or could have, he/she shall inform Staff immediately and change his/her data or have it changed by Staff. In this case or in the event that staff has evidence of misuse of data, staff has the right to block the access of the user temporarily. The user shall be permitted again the use as soon as the suspicion of misuse of data has been removed.

The user is under no circumstances entitled to use the log-in data of another user. If this happens both users may have their account removed or suspended without notice.

Specific terms for the use of online games:

The user is only allowed to have one account per game unless the game owner explicitly state otherwise. The use of several user accounts is not permitted. Such multi-user accounts can be deleted or banned by Staff at any time and in its sole discretion.

The user is prohibited from any form of manipulative interference in the online game. In particular, the user is not entitled to use measures, mechanisms or software that could interfere with the function or the course of the game. The user may not take measures that may cause an unreasonable or excessive burden on the technical capacity. The user is not allowed to block, to rewrite or to modify contents generated by the game administration or to interfere in any other manner with the game.

The user is also prohibited from running the online game (including all individual web pages) with other programs besides an Internet browser. This refers in particular to so-called bots and other tools meant to replace or supplement the Web interface. Also prohibited are scripts and completely or partially automated programs that provide the user with an advantage over other users. This includes auto-refresh-functions and other integrated mechanisms of the Internet browser, if it includes automated operations.

The user may under no circumstances:

  1. Create or use cheats, mods and/or hacks, and any other third party software products that may change the result of the online games
  2. Use software, that allows "data mining" or otherwise intercepts or collects information in connection with the online games.

Specific conditions for the use of communication facilities (particularly discussion forums, chat, comments):

City Struggle may provide the user different communication facilities (especially discussion forums, chats, blogs, guest books, etc. as well as within a commentary function) for own content and entries on the City Struggle internet pages, which may be used as available. City Struggle only provides users with the technical environment for the exchange of information. However, users do not have a right to claim such communication facilities.

The user assumes responsibility for his/her contents and contributions and commits to release Bianchi Networks entirely of any third-party claims or lawsuits. City Struggle explicitly does not claim the content entered by users. However, the user provides City Struggle with the permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use the content and contributions posted by him/her. Bianchi Networks points out that City Struggle has no active monitoring system of the content posted. However, random audits are performed instead. In addition, each user has the option to inform Staff of suspected illegal content. Staff will then respond as quickly as possible and edit or delete reported contents, as necessary.

The user is prohibited from publishing or distributing content on City Struggle Internet pages and particularly in the context of the communications facilities, that

  1. Violates the law, is improper or is immoral;
  2. Violates trade marks, patents, utility or design patterns, copyrights, trade secrets or other rights of third parties;
  3. Is obscene, racist, violent, pornographic, adult content or otherwise the development of children and adolescents threatening or harmful nature;
  4. Is of abusive, harassing or defamatory nature;
  5. Falsely suggests that it is provided or supported by City Struggle;
  6. Contain personal data of third parties without their express consent;
  7. Is commercial, in particular promotional in nature.

Notwithstanding any other rights under these terms of use, City Struggle has the right to amend and fully or partially delete content and contributions, which violate these rules. Staff also has the right to exclude users who violate these rules, in whole or temporarily from further use of City Struggle and other service offerings.

Consequences of Account Deletion:

If a user has been blocked or excluded, he/she may not login again without prior consent of Bianchi Networks.

The contract may be terminated by either party at any time with immediate effect. This may be for various reasons and City Struggle has the right to do so without prior notice.


Donation amounts may be changed at anytime at Bianchi Networks discretion. It is up to the user account to check prices fully before completing the payment.

Donations are nonrefundable.

If you donate to City Struggle and do not receive the item you requested City Struggle will investigate fully and respond accordingly. There is no set time for this response. Upon the investigation being completed you will receive the item stated if payment was successfully received. Malicious or criminal intent to receive such items without payment or by fraudulent means may result in suspension or deletion of the said account.

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